Guides for NAO6

Together with some friends from school, I wrote a guide for programming the humanoid robot NAO6. You can get the e-book on the official Softbank Robotics website.

If you are interested in the writing process, you can check out my blog post.

2048 Battle Royale

2048 Battle Royale

I programmed a 2048 Battle Royale game for Android as part of a group project in university. The frontend was built with Android Studio and Kotlin, the backend with TypeScript. Up to 48 players can play together in one lobby, and after some time, the bottom half gets kicked out. The last player standing wins!

The source code is in the GitHub Repository.

2048 Battle Royale

API for “Tatort”

In Germany, there is a well known crime series called “Tatort”. There is a website with the schedule in human readable format, but no public API with, for example, a JSON formatting.

I wanted to write a discord bot that gives me information about the next broadcasts, so I wrote a simple Python 3 package that scrapes the schedule. In the end, I wrote a Go package that provides the information as a REST API:

The repository for the website scraper is here:

Alternatively, there is also a Java package: