Project Showcase

Canteen plan scraper for Ulm University

I wrote a PDF parser, REST API for the canteen plans at Ulm University:

Humanoid Robots

In the past, I’ve worked with the humanoid robot Pepper made by Softbank Robotics. Additionally, together with three classmates, I wrote a guide about programming the humanoid robot NAO6. You can get the e-book for free on the official Softbank Robotics website. If you prefer the physical version, you can get it (in German) here:

2048 Battle Royale

I programmed a 2048 Battle Royale game for Android as part of a group project in university. The frontend was built with Android Studio and Kotlin, the backend with TypeScript. Up to 48 players can play together in one lobby, and after some time, the bottom half gets kicked out. The last player standing wins!

You can get the source code from this GitHub Repository.