Opt out of Tracking

This blog uses a Matomo instance for analytics, hosted on my Hetzner VPS. No data is collected and sent to third-party services (e.g. Google Analytics, …). No personally identifiable information (PII) is collected.

If you have “Do not Track” enabled in your browser, it automatically stops tracking you. If you do not have that option enabled, you can opt out by clicking on this checkbox:


This website uses only first-party cookies. No third party cookies (e.g. by Google Analytics, …) are used. Cookies created by Matomo start with:

  • _pk_ref
  • _pk_cvar
  • _pk_id
  • _pk_ses
  • mtm_consent, mtm_consent_removed and mtm_cookie_consent: when you’re asking your users for consent
  • matomo_ignore, when you exclude yourself from being tracked (opt-out) using the cookie method or using the iframe opt-out method. (Note: when Matomo is setup on a different domain than the website being tracked, the matomo_ignore cookie will be a third party cookie. This cookie does not contain personal information or any ID and the cookie value is the same for all visitors)
  • matomo_sessid, when you use the opt-out feature (this is called a nonce and helps prevent CSRF security issues)

Source: What are the cookies created by Matomo JavaScript Tracking client?