Working with Pepper, the humanoid robot



In fall of 2017, I first heard about Pepper during computer science class in highschool. Our teacher said that it was a robot with a tablet attached to it. I was imagining a small, handheld robot. Two months later, a package arrives and it turns out that Pepper is 140cm tall and has a lot of exciting features! At first, we weren’t sure what to do with Pepper. After some discussion, it was decided to use Pepper primarily for events.


My role during the project

Together with my classmate, I prepared Pepper for several smaller events, programming several games and features from scratch, like:

  • A friendly debate/sketch between Pepper and the principal for an informational event for future students
  • A kickoff talk at a workshop about modernizing work environments
  • Games for Neu-Ulm spielt, a city-wide event about playing games

In 2019, the city of Neu-Ulm had its 150th anniversary (German newspaper article). Pepper attended several events during that year, entertaining visitors, posing for photos, and even becoming an honorary citizen of Neu-Ulm.

You can find more information in German on the school homepage.