Hi! I’m Kai, a 20-year old university student / fullstack software developer from Ulm, Germany.

For work, I code with Delphi. For my hobby projects, I use Python 3 and Go, and recently I’ve started learning Flutter/Dart.

In the past, I’ve worked with the humanoid robot Pepper (see post) made by Softbank Robotics. Together with three classmates, I’ve also written a textbook about programming NAO6 (see post), the “little sibling” of Pepper. You can get my books here:

Github: tanikai

Twitter: @tanikai29

You can see my latest blog posts below or by clicking on Post Archive.

Please do not support NFTs

In short: NFTs are harmful, please do not support them.
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MinFinder Implementation in Python

This post describes the time and space complexity of the MinFinder algorithm, as well as a Python implementation.
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Using Markdown and Hugo to generate my blog

If you’re looking for a static, bloat-free website or blog, don’t want to write the HTML files yourself and don’t mind reading a bit of documentation, try out Hugo and see if it works for you!
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How to do a ZipCrypto plaintext attack

This post describes the Biham and Kocher plaintext attack on an encrypted ZIP file that uses the ZipCrypto Store encryption method. Also, don’t use the ZipCrypto encryption to send confidential files, use AES256 instead.
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Working with Pepper, the humanoid robot

This post is about me in highschool, programming the humanoid robot Pepper from Softbank Robotics.
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