Hi! I’m Kai, a 21-year old university student / fullstack software developer from Ulm, Germany.

I got my B.Sc. at DHBW Heidenheim and I’m currently at Ulm University for my Master’s Degree.

For work, I code with Angular and Delphi. For my hobby projects, I mostly use Python 3.

To see some of my recent projects, check out the about page.

Rewinding in YouTube Shorts (Desktop)

2022-10-05 | #entertainment #guide #javascript

So I've been watching some YouTube Shorts recently. When you miss something in the video, you have to watch the whole video again to see the part a second time. When you are on a Desktop computer, you can open a YouTube Shorts as a normal video by taking the video ID from the URL and pasting it into the "classic" format. After some quick researching and coding, I decided to implement a one-liner.

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